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As jar opening experts for over thirty-five years, Multi Marketing is known for top quality products. The UN-SKRU Jar Opener has been tested to last five years -- and known to last over two decades.

If you or anyone dear to you has trouble opening screw-top lids, stubborn food bags, pop-top beverage cans--or losing your keys--you've come to the right place! These openers are great gifts for birthdays or holidays--so useful in the kitchen, workshop, art studio, RV, train, bus or airline when traveling.
Please browse our site and check out our products, our customer's comments on the quality and reliability of our earth-friendly, battery-free openers. Just click on the product photos to learn more.
The Original
UN-SKRU Jar Opener
Hand Key-per 8-way Opener
Pampered Hands Gift Basket
UN-SKRU Jar Opener openijng large screw-top lid
Hand Key-per being used to open letter, bag, pop can and medicine jar
Pampered Hands gift basket with UN-SKRU jar opener, Hand Key-per, moisturizer and gloves and cuticle cream
Showing UN-SKRU Jar Opener openijng a large screw-top lid
Showing Hand Key-per opening a press-and-turn medicine jar, pop can and  envelope
Pampered Hands Gift Basket with UN-SKRU jar opener, Hand Key-per 8 way opener, night gloves, moisturizer and cuticle cream
...since 1977
Hand Key-per
Gift Basket
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